Are you familiar with Thoreau’s Faith in a Seed?

I suspect it’s a lesser-known work.
I bought this book for Chris back when we were dating. I knew he enjoyed Thoreau’s works and that he loved nature and trees and such. So it was my present to him at a time when the cost of a book was quite dear to my budget.
Today I was sitting looking at our massive bookcase and saw this book. I’ve never read the whole thing, although I’ve started it several times.
The premise, if I am remembering correctly, is that we do have faith that a seed, once planted and appropriately nourished, will become something. We simply have faith that it will become that which it has been created to become.
It struck me how wonderful it would be if all parents applied this logic to their children. Indeed, if we as a society applied that logic to all our children.
Faith that they will — given appropriate nourishment — become exactly what they were meant to be.
Brilliantly simple epiphany for me.
They are my seeds (ok, technically my eggs and their dear papa’s seeds…but I digress.) And I do have faith that they will become, each very uniquely, what they were born to be.