I’ve thought alot about this ‘faith in a seed’ idea over the last few days.

I think for some the sticking-point would be, ‘what is appropriate nourishment?’

Obviously humans are much more complex, organismically, than, say, a pumpkin. (As a rule at least. I’ve met a few people I’d consider ‘pumpkin-heads’ though that could be considered an afront to the pumpkins themselves…) So we need a bit more than decent soil, water and sunshine.

But I still think the analogy is appropriate.

Regardless of what I do, when I plant a pumpkin seed, I’m either going to get pumpkins or not. I’m not going to (without the invasion of other seeds) plant pumpkin seeds and somehow grow eggplants. Each seed is exactly what it is.

So, I’m not apt to worry that these seedlings that live in my house (hereforeto referred to as attachlings….) are going to turn out to be zinnias, roses, watermelons, or cedar bushes. They are going to be themselves.

This is the thing that most reassures me when I am weak. It is also the thing that most challenges me. I am reassured by knowing that they each have such a wonderful strength-of-spirit that keeps them on their own (sometimes comically-unique) path — regardless of my failings as a parent. I am challenged by the difficulty I face in forgetting the first thing and trying to bend them to MY will (which is just as strong and true, btw.)

Life is a constant balance (and parenting even more so) of respecting the uniqueness of another and understanding and appreciating one’s own uniqueness — all without being a diva or a martyr.

Mary 🙂