Ok, so it’s not really spring. But with it being about 65 degrees and some sunshine yesterday…it certainly felt like it.

This morning it’s still warm and the birds are singing their spring-songs. It’s quite blustery, though, with storms moving in.

Winter is not done with us yet…but it is waning.

Nic and Theo are outside, with light jackets on, playing and climbing and exploring until the rains chase them inside. Rain always seems easier to take if you’ve had a chance to be outside before it comes.

Spring is a time of renewal, the fulfillment of the promise that winter does not last forever.

Many positive things are afoot here in our wee house. Most importantly, no matter how busy this life becomes, with parenting, homeschooling, ‘green-ing’ and community building/supporting, Chris and I constantly find ways to reconnect and discover that we were never disconnected. ๐Ÿ™‚

There is never enough time to follow all our passions. Hopefully, though, we make time to fulfill all our commitments. Maybe that’s the most important lesson for these children…the acknowledgement that there’s not enough time to do everything, but there must always be time to do what’s most important.