People ask me sometimes how I’ll know what the wee ones are learning if we don’t ‘do school.’

Quite unintentionally I had a new thought about this today.


Yep, that’s right, eavesdropping helps immensely.

This morning while I was at work in the kitchen I overheard the following nano-conversation from the boys in the living room:

Theo: what aryadoin Nic?

Nic: using the calculator.

Theo: how do you use it?

Nic: you push this key and then this key and so on and so on…

Theo: what’s a ‘so on’?

Nic: no, no, no — that’s how grown-ups say, “keep doing that.”

Theo: so, how do you use a calculator?

Nic: see, push 2, push the times button, here, then push 2 again and then push equals, here, and then — look, you have 4!

Theo: 4 what?

Nic: never mind.

So, clearly, Nic understands the calculator and Theo doesn’t…but is there anything more wonderful than hearing your 8 year old accepting a role as a teacher to the 4 year old.