So, we’re not quite to the spring equinox…and winter weather is predicted again this coming weekend…

But this morning it is spring here. The birds are singing — some seem to be laughing — and the boys are outside without even jackets on, even in the chillier morning air. After a cold winter, these are some happy boys to have the freedom of our big backyard to stretch, climb, dig and, just generally, once again test their boundaries out from under my constant gaze.

Sunshine is streaming in all the windows. The air feels fresh.

All this is so good for the spirit — especially when it reminds me that in a few short weeks the local farms will be producing and the farmers will be marketing. Local food!

Of course as a necessary counter-point to all this good stuff, spring makes me look around my house with fresh eyes and see what a mess it is. Spring cleaning fever is upon me. So if you drive by you might see unusual lawn ornaments — however temporarily — out front.

I am a deeply, unsentimental, un-pack-rat. Out with anything not being used. Most things will go to charity or to recycling (or freecycling.) But however it leaves…I celebrate being owned by less stuff.

Happy spring-welcoming days to you!