Blogging has definately taken a back seat these days. Too much going on to even try to capture it.

The prime-most reason for my scattered-ness is our delightful toddler-girl Whingari. See that picture of her over there in the sidebar? That was her the day before her 1st birthday…that was 3 months ago. She’s wearing that same dress right now, asleep in my arms. The dress does not fit her the same now, it’s beginning to look a bit more like a long shirt than a dress. But that is only the visual change in her. She’s changed so much in personality and abilities.

Whingari is a determined soul. She is sweet, she is loving and kind and intelligent. But she is determined. We saw this at 2 weeks when she seemed devoted to lifting up her head…and with every milestone since. This child is not to be thwarted without a good bit of protest.

These days she’s deeply into climbing everything in the house. I’ve tried to make everything safer for her exploration; we’ve closed off rooms, taken away tables, and generally tried to prevent rather than thwart. But there’s still the kitchen table…and those climbable chairs. I take her off those chairs about once a minute right now.

I remind myself (constantly) that this will pass. Theo did the same thing, and it passed — sort of. Theo still loves to climb and he climbs everything…it’s a compulsion. This I understand. I’ve been here before. Theo is fine. But there’s a big difference: Theo almost never fell. No matter what he was climbing, Theo was sure-footed. Whinnie falls.

One day last week she fell off one of the kitchen chairs (and it’s a really hard ceramic tile floor), off the block box, off the couch and (almost) off the bed. And she had the marks on her head and face to prove it.

So, I can’t just ‘know’ that she’ll be ok. And so I keep taking her off everything.

It’s getting old.

I have so much housework and spring cleaning I’d like to do.

“This too shall pass.” That’s what I keep telling myself. And self replies: “When!?”

So, there’s work with/for our organic produce co-op. And there’s homeschooling. And there’s basick home-keeping. And there’s all the time I wish to devote to helping to research/establish more local food option education.

And, yet, my life is full of removing 25 adorable, breakable, pounds off every possible surface…

“This too shall pass.”

Now, she’s awake, off my lap, and….where did she go anyway…?

Gotta go find her again.

Mary 😉