A year ago I couldn’t imagine this way of life. Ok, I could imagine it, but not in a sense of a possible reality.

A year ago we were still too-attached to the world of tv. It was in our main living area and had it’s own presence.

I hated that we had it on so much, but hated to see it not on. But then one day we just got it out of the living area. The boys went through a tiny bit of withdrawal. We had to figure out new things to do with our evenings.

Daytime needed some re-thinking too. I couldn’t just turn it on and expect the boys to be content with PBS kids for a while.

And yet, here we are, 6 months into this cable-free, mostly tv-free existence and it has been good. We no longer figure out what is least inappropriate to have on while the children are in the room. We can get the local PBS station via antennae in the bedroom, so we can still watch Nature and Nova and This Old House and whatever great stuff we want. We also get a couple network channels—but the content leaves much to be desired. So we watch DVDs from the library and we spend more time reading together.

The boys love doing stuff on the computer, of course. We’re not getting rid of that.

But the calm in our house is nice. We don’t check-out and just veg in front of the tv anymore.

We spend more time interacting.

We make conscious decisions to turn on the tv or computer — not just have them on because they are there.

And it is good.

I’m not trying to sound all superior. I don’t think tv is evil. I do think it, like junk food, does not serve us well when it is a major part of our diet. Especially when I consider what passes for programming.

So, we are, happily (as long as Chris can check the weather via internet) a mostly-tv family.

And glad of it.