Just when I begin to feel that everything is moving along well and smoothly, it’s not. Why am I surprised? The idea of static balance depends on things, elements, people, food, weather — everything and anything, remaining unchanged. How likely is that?

Even the apples, bananas, and kiwi’s on my counter are not going to look as good tomorrow. Some will be gone (eaten) others will have passed their prime and be given as a donation to the local wildlife (thrown outside — mostly by Theo who says he’s ‘helping the ECO-stitum.)

So if something as basic as an apple is not going to be unchanged from day to day — why would we?

The challenge, I believe (and I hope I’m up for) is to achieve dynamic balance. That would mean finding a sense of peace and balance within myself, within my spirit, that is not dependant on outside influences.

It occured to me the other day how very religious that sounded. Chris and I watched a portion of a DVD called “Tibetan, Book of the Dead.” In it the main theme (at least the portion called The Great Liberation) was that we fear death because of our attachment to the things of this world. Therefore the solution is to work to understand, even while living this life, that these things aren’t so important.

Hmmm, those things sound pretty similar to me. I’m not buddist, nor do I continue with the protestant-ism of my childhood. But I do believe that studying the religions of the world brings all of us to a greater understanding of all that it is to be human and a member of human society. If you look and read and study long enough, themes are obvious.

These are what I consider ‘wisdom texts’ and these are what I look to to give me a greater, deeper understanding of my existence than what I can obtain looking into my baby daughter’s eyes.

So, balance.

I work to balance family time and friend-visiting time.
I work to balance mama-time with mama-needs-to-read/think/be-time.
I work to balance the time the boys spend on the computer with more physical activities.
I work to balance my work for our food co-op with time spent learning more about sustainable food iniatives.
I work to balance inner with outer and now with later and past.

Dynamic balance.

A balance — a sense of balance — that can roll with the changes that life, inevitably, brings without being completely undone.

Dynamic balance is also knowing that what others think of you and your attempts at a good and decent life are not really that important.

Balance must be based on an assumption of change — or it is not useful and purposeful.

So, I light my candle, remind myself that there is also a balance between home and ‘out there.’ Housework, home-keeping, cooking and childcare are my necessary antidotes to too much time in ‘the world.’

blessings as you find your balance,