Today (just like last Sunday) we went to the Indiana State Museum to see this new exhibit:

Have you been to the state museum? It’s downtown, right along the canal (which they’ve now finished re-filling) and next to the Eiteljorg Museum (also a good place to go.)

One of the reasons we enjoy going there is, actually, quite unfortunate. It’s almost always pretty empty. They do a good bit of their business with school field trips, no doubt. And in a city with so many things competing for a family’s dollar, I guess it just doesn’t match up with the children’s museum or the zoo.

But it is cool. The architecture of the building alone is reason to visit. All 92 counties in the state contributed a statue or placque or some other piece of tangible (and durable) art — all of which are integrated into the outside walls. It’s fun to take a brochure and walk all the way around the building and see if you can find all the pieces, and figure out why that county chose that as it’s representation. It’s a great way to learn more history of the state.

But back to the interior. There are large open areas and wide corridors…perfect for a very determined to do it herself, 15 month old explorer.

There’s also an IMAX theater within the building…though it will be a while before the whole family partakes of a film there together.

It’s worth a leisurely stroll through the exhibits. It’s good for starting discussions, learning more about earth’s history, and just generally being with your children in a place that serves to make things that are prossibly somewhat abstract much more concrete (no pun intended.)

So if you’re strolling along the canal this summer and need a break from the heat, look for the mammoth sculptures and the steam clock. Step inside right there and you’ll see a wide open space (thoroughly air-conditioned), and Indiana sculpture, and the snack cafe — all accessible without ticket or membership.

This is a cool museum. Not as kid-enticing as some…but worthy of our support.