Now, after you sit for a moment, stroke your chin, say ‘hmmmm,’ and then decide what it means to you, please comment. I want to know about perceptions of the word Radical.

My take? It all depends on where you are.

To some I am a radical unschooler. To devoted radical unschoolers, I am an over-controlling parent.

To AP’ers I am your basic AP-mama. To more mainstream adults, I am radical in my views about homebirthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, homeschooling, environmentalism, gentle parenting — well, most of my life… 🙂

So, as I think about how we approach the learning process for our children, I know that I can shoulder the judgement of people who use ‘radical’ pejoratively.

But can I, humbly & appropriately, shoulder the approval of those who think me a role-model? Hmmmmmm

off to stroke my chin and think…