unless we are really & truly ‘there’ for one another?

As a society, we’re prickly about our independence, aren’t we?

Is it because we feel that we have failed if we need help? Or is it because we would rather not be in a position to offer help to others?

I don’t mean to imply that we are selfish. Rather we are uncomfortable with acknowledging that we know someone else needs help. It’s as if in offering help, especially financial help, we are forcing someone else to be humbled.

But what is the point of building a community unless we are undaunted in our determination to provide one another with a ‘safety net?’

Go out today and be really, really mindful of the people around you. Is there some assistance you could and would provide if you could get over feeling ‘ooky’ about it? Are you willing to be embarassed, either for yourself or the other person?

Get in someone else’s business, because you might be the ‘positive tipping point’ in someone else’s bad day.

gratefully (for all the ‘breaks’ we’ve received)