Yesterday was just plain eye-opening for me.

Nic has been wanting to get his own library card for years.
There was no particular reason why he didn’t have one of his own, other than the fact that there never seemed to be time to go fill out the form.

But yesterday, since we were all visiting our awesome community library, and Nic and I were checking out on our own, it seemed a good time.

To me, holder of a library card since I was 6 (that’s about 37 years now…longer than many of my friends have been alive… 😉 this was a simple transaction.

To Nic, apparently, it was some sort of right-of-passage slash tangible proof of approval. He was luminous. He took the whole experience very seriously and was frustrated with himself when he made mistakes on the application form. (Note to self: give him opportunities to fill out forms now and then…as unschoolers, he doesn’t encounter them often…)

After we completed the process, Nic walked away, beaming, new library card in hand, to the check out desk. His first transaction was to check out several DVDs for himself and Theo.

But the best was still to come. Nic NEEDED to find papa and show him the new card. Chris, being an awesome papa always, immediately understood the import of the moment and did not brush Nic’s enthusiasm aside. Nic was resplendent in papa’s beaming-approval.

Nic then, quite seriously, asked me to keep his library card with my own. This surprised me as well, as I didn’t anticipate him taking the card itself seriously. The responsibility, yes, I knew he would take that seriously. But seeing the card as important and worthy of attentiveness…again, he surprised me.

So, Nic has changed so much in the last year. I now see such strong glimpses of the young man he is morphing into. And he is so cool. I’m finally getting to see him beyond the dynamic of our mama/child dyad. I’m beginning to see him as a totally separate ‘other.’ And I like who he’s becoming. This is someone with whom I could be friends.

That’s cool.