When did this happen?

I just noticed it today and I am thrilled!

I love Mothering Magazine, but have not subscribed. Why? I don’t want to contribute to more trees being used and more fuels being used and more resources, in general, to be used to bring me information.

But, now, I can have my favorite magazine without any of that.

I just subscribed to receive Mothering digitally — only $20 for 2 years (12 issues.)

No, I am not advertising for Mothering, nor will I receive any monetary kick-back for posting this here.

What I do receive, by promoting this, is, hopefully, that one person will see my post and choose to subscribe to this awesome magazine digitally as well.

One day, maybe all of our magazines and other periodicals will give us this option.

Today, I am thrilled for this one.

Want to join me? Here’s a link: http://www.mothering.com/sections/subscribe/subscribe.html

You don’t have to tell them I sent you 😉 just go tell a tree that I said ‘hey!’