A wonderful friend of mine (Hi, Jaymi) was musing on her own blog recently about the connection between sustainability and spirituality.

Living in sustainable (and, hence, absolutely intentional) ways is deeply spiritual. How can it not be? When we are aware of the food in our mouths, we eat with intent, and our spirit, not just our stomach, is filled.

When we are aware of what we buy, where we go, what we ‘vote’ for with our attention and our dollars, we are immediately more likely to be ‘in’ our own spirit.

So, absolutely, sustainable living is spiritual.

But what occured to me as I read her wonderful thoughts on the subject, is that you can get to it from either direction.

You can work on your spirituality via sustainable living choices.
AND you can work on making better sustainability choices by working on your spirituality.

If I am not feeling a connection to my spirit on a given day — it’s guaranteed that I am not focused enough on my choices and their ramifications.

And if I am not feeling intentional in my choices, it’s guaranteed that I haven’t communed with my spirit recently enough.

They are absolutely intertwined.

The are a circle.

The good news is, I can jump back on this circle anywhere I wish and the least little intentional action will get me started up again.

And right now, my chosen path of re-connection is to go eat a fresh, organic pear. And really taste it.