I have finally reached a point in my mama-life where I am too busy.

Until recently the job of taking care of my 3 children, homeschooling, home keeping and, (hopefully) generally being a good citizen of the world didn’t exhaust my time or reserves.

But Whingari is a full-functioning (and full of her own power) toddler. The time I have to work on physical tasks as well as those online, is diminishing.

So I find that a good bit of the balance and mindfullness that I am seeking is just slightly out of my grasp, because I have too many priorities compared to time.

What are my priorities?
What are my goals?
What are the really neat things I’d really like to do, but need to let go of?

My home and family are my highest priorities. Living mindfully, consciously and intentionally means taking care of my home and family. It means looking for balance in activities and foci.

No one who’s been to my house would accuse me of being a neat freak. 🙂
But I do need a certain degree of orderliness and cleanliness to be calm and well-functioning.

I feel that part of loving my family is having a pleasant home for us to share.
Another part is cooking/preparing/offering the best, healthiest and freshest foods I can. (Which is the reason that my time with our organic produce co-op will continue to stay a high priority!)

But what about the rest?

Over the next week, I will observe what I do each day; how I spend my time.

That will help me in terms of mindfullness, but also in terms of priorities.
Am I spending my time on those things I believe to be the most important?

Or, am I allowing the ‘urgent’ to consume all the time and pushing aside the ‘important.’

So if I don’t blog much, don’t email much, don’t participate much…please know that this is why.

I am evaluating my days.

Hopefully, I am curled up on some comfortable ledge reading a book to my children…or even better, being read to by them.