That’s a very interesting thought to me.

Chris and I lived in NE Tennessee for 6 years. We moved there just before our 1st wedding anniversary and moved back to Indiana 6 years later.

We miss those mountains — even if they are ‘hills’ to some who’ve seen the BIGS.

So, as Chris and I look ahead to the rest of our lives and the kind of life we want for our littles…we consider whether we will stay ‘here.’

If I were wealthy, I would want to travel around to different areas so that my children could be exposed to more — more people, more lifestyles, more cultures, more geography.

I may not be able to give them a dozen different living experiences — but I can make sure they have more than this one.

So, someday, we may move. The dream is to be in Boulder, Colorado. But Chris’ job opportunities might take us to someplace else, like Chicago or Washington, D.C.

I just wanted to put that ‘out there’ so that it might be commonly understood that family-Whited might make a change someday.