It’s a rainy, cloudy day today.

That’s good for the rain gauge/weather station that the boys assembled yesterday and put in the backyard.

Not so good for a woman who wants spring to bring me more sunshine.

But, I ate sunshine for lunch today and yesterday.

Yesterday I had a huge salad. All the awesome veggies came from the produce co-op. And then I topped it with boiled eggs — from pastured hens…also from our food co-op.

And I sat and I tried to think about what I was eating. I am trying to not multi-task.

Funny that. Most people (especially parents) are constantly trying to perfect the art of multi-tasking. ‘Tis very good for getting more done.

But it is not so good for trying to be in the moment — trying to be aware of self and surroundings.

So, I try not to check my email, or read a few more pages in a book or magazine. I try to smile at my animated children and really taste each bite of food that I am using to sustain me.

And it occurred to me yesterday that my salad was allowing me to eat sunshine. Plants are really cool that way. They are the ultimate solar-powered entities. They quietly spend their days converting solar energy into their whole selves. And then we consume that converted sunshine.

Today, I had more veggies from the co-op. This time they were roasted together in the oven for last night’s dinner. For lunch, I added some raw milk parmesean cheese and reheated. Gooey sunshine.

The one thing I would change about my lunches — indeed most all of our food — is to remove the oil that drips from most every bit of it. All the petroleum used in it’s production and transportation.

Soon fields and gardens all over Indiana will be producing. And then I can eat my sunshine with a much smaller side of fossil fuels.