The school next door (elementary) has been quiet this week — spring break time.

It’s been nice to not have the cars and buses and activity next door.

It’s also been nice to remember that what we ‘do’ we do all year long. We don’t really have weekdays and weekends and school days and non-school days. We just live.

When other kids tell Nic he’s lucky that he only has to do school a few hours a day, he reminds them that learning is an everyday thing. When they hear that we don’t have summer breaks or winter breaks or spring breaks, they suddenly don’t feel that it is so unfair.

This makes me smile. Not that other kids have an inaccurate perception. What makes me smile is that when Nic tells them that, he does so with a sweet spirit. He doesn’t think the way he’s learning is bad. He and I have many conversations about all of this and he agrees that our ‘school’ suits his needs, preferences and personality.

So when kids misunderstand, Nic just rolls his eyes and tells me, ‘they just don’t get it.’

And I totally agree.