I am not intending to speak for other homeschoolers/unschoolers/parents — only myself.

In order to do any of the above very well, I believe it is utterly important to really know your children and know when they need a little push.

Nic’s maturing sooooo quickly. The changes to his attitude, problem solving abilities and general thought process have been phenomenal. He’s changed, just in the last 6 months, more than I would have expected in 2 years.

So, suddenly it seems, I had to let my perception of him catch up…quickly.

I study these children. That’s the thing that some might not understand about the way I homeschool and/or parent. It might seem like I’m not doing much (though I would beg to differ!) but I am working on my PhD in knowing each of them.

And Nic has been showing signs of boredom and apathy.

So, I got a booklet called ‘Silly Story Starters’ and gave him the task of writing 2 stories each day from the story starters. And I’ve asked him to practice writing and math everyday. And he is doing it! Astonishing.

That’s what I’m talking about. Six months ago he would have thrown a world-class tantrum about it. Now, he seems ready for the challenge.

And he has a fantastic sense of wry humor. He’s been making up jokes and riddles in his head and sharing them with anyone who’s not deaf. And, while they aren’t exactly funny, they are … hmmm … sardonic and intelligent.

He’s a neat guy. And seeing glimpses of who he might be morphing into — awesome.

Next, Theo. The 4-year-old who reads everything in sight. I’m wondering when he will (true to his name — after Dr. Seuss) take pencil to paper and start showing the writer within…