all our adventures.

Life has been busy. Mostly for good purposes. Some of it just busywork…mine, not the children’s. We actively engage in busy-work-neglect around here.

Last Tuesday we had our primary in Indiana. We’re spoiled, btw, since our poling place is in the school next door. Every year that we’ve lived here and there’s been an election of any kind, Chris and I have walked over with the children (newly 3 of them). The walk over is a good time to talk about what voting is, what elections are about, and what we are going to do.

Our conversations turn to what people in other countries have to endure to cast a vote. This is especially useful when an 8 yr old complains about having to walk through wet grass. At least he’s not being shot at….

Going in to the school is an experience for us. This is a strange, foreign land, to all of us. We’ve only been in the school building 3 or 4 times in 2.5 years. Sometimes I feel I should have to show a passport and have my shoes scanned…it’s just that foreign to me.

The boys notice lots of artwork on the walls, and wonder why children are marching single file through the hallways. They see children sitting in classrooms and say they are glad they are not in there with them. (Though, to be honest, the children seem content and engage. School has certainly changed a lot since I was in the primary grades…)

I’m always pleasantly surprised by the people staffing the polling room, too. They never ask why the children aren’t in school. (They may just assume we check them out of their classroom to participate in voting…I don’t know.) But they chat with all the children and work to make them feel welcome. There’s never hostility or impatience with the noise they make.

And this is greatly important to me. I want my children to see us vote. Not only did my parents never take us along — they didn’t vote.

So, we went. We voted. We answered loads of questions. And then we went on with the rest of our busy, busy day.

But we had our civics lesson first.

blessed be,