As is the case with many subjects, if you look at homeschooling laws, guidelines and regulations in the United States, you really see that there is a patchwork and inconsistent approach to it all.

Each time I look at a state and see restrictive homeschooling legistlation, I bristle.

What gives any governmental entity the right to oversee my childrens’ education? The public school system is a mess. Even if a school is ‘performing well’ — it is but one piece of a huge puzzle that takes an immense amount of work, corrdination and problem-solving. Even with all of that, children fall through the inevitable cracks. Even with all of that, children are neglected (at least educationally) and abused (at least emotionally.) And these same people want to be able to keep an eye on me and my children.

Irked, that’s what I am.

In Indiana, we are blissfully free of homeschooling restrictions and oversight. I would say I’m grateful, but this is simply how it should be. I am just accepting my responsibility for these children.

As I read the legistlative summaries of homeschooling regulations around the country, it is clear that many states (or at least those persons/committees) are truly very hostile to homeschooling.

Homeschoolers are to be distrusted and watched-over closely — that’s the feeling I get when I read…

I don’t want public educators — especially those committed to ‘educational excellence through testing’ to decide whether I am to be trusted with my own children.

I am tired of asking permission (or of the phenomena that anyone needs to ask permission) to simply live one’s life. Society’s vested interest in my children does not trump my own. Society’s desire that they be good (i.e. conforming) citizens is of no import to me whatsoever.

As I told a friend yesterday, my parenting (and possibly educational mantra) is: I am not here to produce good little widgets. There is more to being a good citizen and good person than conforming to the will of those around you.

I demand a life where I can sting the world with my vision and live the life I am called to by the spirit of us all.

I demand a life where my children can be exactly who they are — not conforming citizens but intelligent, fiercely independent people not easily led down a road to ruin by bad guys, marketers or politicians…

from my soapbox,