Chris’ first day at the new job is to be July 7th — 2.5 weeks from now!

Things are moving along here. We’ve been packing, packing, packing. The boys are very excited about DC and have, therefore, been a great lot of help. This is GOOD as the last time we moved it was a major trauma for then 2 year old Theo.

We’ve secured an apartment in Bethesda, easy walking/biking distance to Chris’ new office. It’s awesome that we’ll be living somewhere that is so much more pedestrian friendly than here.

There are sidewalks and pedestrian bridges and a ‘trolley trail’ (old train bed renovated into a pedestrian trail) all the way to Chris’ office. Where we are now, there’s about a quarter of a mile where Chris takes his life in his own hands everyday that he bikes to work. There’s no sidewalk, no walking path, no shoulder. The drivers are frequently rude and inpatient with him in this stretch.

There’s also a bus stop right outside our new apartment community, that takes us to the metro station! Hopefully my goal of being a car-free family is close to being doable! 🙂

We’ve been telling friends and family.

It looks like we might have a buyer lined up for our Saturn, as we want to sell it before we move. It’s one of those instances of being greatly cared-for by the Great Spirit that has been directing us along this path.

Everytime I stress about selling our house (quickly, please!) I remind myself of my calming mantra:
The Great Spirit would not lead us down this path only to abandon us.

Everytime we give ourselves over to knowing that a higher power is at work in our lives, we realize how very cared-for we are.

Once we move in and get a sense of where our daily lives lead us, we’ll know if we can sell the van. As we intend to do apartment living for the first year, and then possibly move into someplace more permanent, we may determine that we need the van until then.

At any rate, things are going well.

Monday: housing secured
Tuesday: re-homed the dog (aka: Ilo the yard-guardian)
Wednesday: packing, packing, packing
Thursday: gather quotes from moving/truck companies
Friday: who knows? 😉

So, keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue working on our packing and moving and all other transitional issues.

Though things are going well, it is challenging to do all that needs to be done and be with 3 children 24/7. The children and I make time everyday for reading out loud (finished 2 books of the Narnia series and now reading either Franny K. Stein or LarryBoy books) and for loads of outdoor play in the big backyard.

Coming soon: a blog link regarding our house and it’s various features. I’d appreciate anyone who reads this blog sending a prayer or thought or good vibe out about our house selling quickly and to a family who will really enjoy it.