Saturday (the 12th) was the one week anniversary of moving to the DC area. It’s been a week of figuring out what is where and explore nearer to our own neighborhood.

Saturday, though, we decided it was time to expand our horizons. Theo was in heaven as we finally made time to ‘ride the METro’ as Theo would say.

It moves very fast and the pressure changes make your ears pop, but Theo wasn’t about to be unhappy with any of it.

Saturday we went to the Smithsonian Air & Space Musuem. It is huge and incredible and very, very busy. After a metro ride back home (during which exhausted Theo and Whinnie slept) we took the children to see Wall-E. The boys have been chattering about seeing it since the first promo came out. It was Whingari’s first movie experience in the theater. She did just fine, though I’d say that the popcorn got more of her attention than the movie.

Wall E has some good messages about environmental concerns and what we are doing to ourselves and our planet…but it’s also good fun for the children on a superficial level…

Sunday we did the metro again, this time going to the Natural History Museum. I liked this one even more….though I think it was more chaotic. The air and space museum has more open exhibit rooms, because of the nature of the artifacts (you cannot house a B-2 bomber in a small room!) The natural history museum has smaller exhibit rooms and, therefore, traffic has stoppages.

As we walked to and from the metro, there were interesting ‘sightings’ — a peek at the capitol building here, a glimpse of the side of the white house there…and a beautiful, yet unexpected, full view of the washington monument from across the street.

The pace of life here is hectic, stressed, hurried and impersonal.

The midwest really is the friendliest place I’ve ever lived. But we moved here for a different life experience and we will embrace all of it and see what we can learn and do.

Plus, it’s completely ok for us to bring along our midwest friendliness. Theo, for example, charms everyone everywhere he goes. On the way back Saturday, he sat next to a young lady and regaled her with jokes and stories about moving here from ‘orkard park neighborhood’ and riding the METro. She laughed and smiled and told me what a great little guy he was. She thanked him for making her smile and gave me her business card. Turns out, she works at the white house and offered to arrange a white house tour for us if I contact her. 🙂

So, yeah, we’re still settling in, but it’s gonna be ok.