I do remember from our years in Tennessee that heat and humidity reign. But that’s not the same as feeling it.

We had a brief respite from the humidity for a few days (and it was glorious) but now the humidity is back. So we try to get out early and either go to the park or run errands before it’s too hot.

Yesterday we visited a different library branch. The one we went to last week was small, dark and not at all inviting. The one we choose yesterday was bright and open and welcoming. We found many, many books and a couple of DVDs to enjoy.

Theo decided that he is very interested in learning about the differences between moths and butterflies. He’s long loved reading books with us, but this is the first time I think he’s expressed a specific interest in learning about something.

While there to get the moths/butterflies books, he also found books about bumblebees and ants and red-eyed tree frogs. Last night we gathered on the big bed to start reading. At very nearly 5, Theo is able to read several books with me (of course he’s been reading words for almost a year and full books for the last 6-7 months) and see the parallels.

For example, bumblebee and ant colonies follow almost the exact same pattern of creation and lifecycle, dependant upon the weather.

As always, Nic’s building. Always building. It is his passion.

He’s been practicing writing as well. Unlike math, writing is not fun for him, so he does it with much wailing and sluggishness.

But with math, he flies. This week he’s been exclaiming, “I love algebra!” Um, ok. I think it’s wonduferul and enteraining that at nearly 9, he loves something that gives children older than him fits.

What else; still settling in. Still figuring out the patterns of our days and our travels. Theo (being the most emotional of the three) is still finding his way. He is happy to ride the metro and go to the museums, but he misses his home and backyard far more than I think he can articulate…which means it bubbles around inside him making him behave in grumpy and resistant ways.

Oh, and we’ve gotten an offer on our house! We’re negotiating on price right now…but I think all other details have been worked out. Since we just left Indiana 2 weeks ago today, that is fantastic! I hope all the details work out to the benefit of all parties, and that another family will soon move in and love our sweet little community home. 🙂

We are blessed and grateful for all these blessings!