Here I sit, checking my email and planning my day. The boys are doing stuff on the computer.

And Whinnie comes and sits next to me at the little table and pulls an alphabet puzzle to her. And here she sits, matching each letter of the alphabet to its correct slot. I know she’s just matching pictures, but at 19 months, that’s exactly what she should be doing. And she’s an observer, so this is what I expect her to do.

Nic did this to. He had a great and early interest in puzzles. He was quite proficient at them from a very early age. Theo, however, never has had much of an interest in puzzles. He’ll do them, but distractedly and usually only when it is suggested by someone else.

How are they all so different from one another in so many ways — and yet so similar?

I’ve spent some time over the last few days looking into curriculum packages. Yeah, I have always been committed to unschooling…but here I don’t see a dysjuncture at all.

For me unschooling has always been about the ‘child – led’ learning experience. And these days both boys are asking for more — more challenges, more variety, more information — in both word and deed.

I’ve looked at Calvert several times, but I’m leaning towards Oak Meadow right now. If you’ve used OM or have any knowledge of it, please let me know.

My requirements are that the curricula be secular, flexible and respective that there is way more to a child (person) than their intellectual capacity. šŸ˜‰

Off to our day’s travels…