We have been experiencing a serious heat wave here in the metro DC area. It’s supposed to be 97 here today (before heat index…so feeling like over 100) and it has been in the mid-90’s since sometime last week.

So, we spend most of our time in the apartment.

That’s a fairly big change for the wee ones. Though we would go several days at a time without leaving home before, there was the big back yard and there was always some little corner of it where shade could be found. So the boys were outside a lot, and Whin was outside as much as my days’ work allowed.

So, how do will fill these days? Reading alot. Going to the park first thing in the morning, if we can. Board games. Zoob building. Block building. More reading.

Next week I intend to order the curricula I’ve been considering. That will help us have a focus for the next few months while the weather rages.

Today’s question du jour is: Can I live in this land of great impersonality without losing something of my humanity, something of myself?