Let me be clear…we are not residents of the DC metro area. We are Indiana residents on a year’s sabbatical. šŸ˜‰

Why do I state it that way? Because it helps me to make this transition. I am not a person who likes the feeling of being trapped. So when I remind myself that *here* is not home and that home can become wherever we wish it to be, I feel free.

But, with the heat wave ended (for a few days at least) it was nice to explore today. We went out to find new outdoor spaces for three children, accustomed to the wide open spaces in Central Indiana, to play.

We found 2 great parks, one small and neighborhood-y; the other huge and hard for me to watch 3 children simultaneously.

As I was driving back from the large park, through rolling hills (not a flat place in sight :-), I realized that I was beginnign to feel good (not just ‘not bad’) about being here.

Give me a few more weeks of weather that doesn’t drive us inside and maybe I’ll really find my way here.

Several friends have asked for updates on the fam, so here goes:

Chris — is acclimating to his new job. He loves being close enough to walk to and from work — although he’s frequently soaked from perspiration by the time he gets home in the afternoons.

Nic — reading everything in sight. He reads chapter books (consumes them more like) all the time. JUST discovered Calvin & Hobbes at the library Tuesday.

Theo — also reading everything in sight. Starting to be interested in more learning. Moths, butterflies and escalators get his attention these days. (Note to self, find a website with pictures showing how, exactly an escalator is built/works.)

Whinnie — completely out of diapers for over a month now… She just astonishes me. She’s also learning more signs. She’s gone from using about 4 signs reliably by the time of the move to more than a dozen now. She just used ‘ice’ for the first time today. Smart girl.

I’ve totally got my hands full with all of them. šŸ™‚

Me — well, my blog is an archive of how I’m doing.

I found this book at the library and I think it is exactly what I need for this stage in my life:

Buddha Mom: The Path of Mindful Mothering by Jacqueline Kramer

on to new adventures now…