Sunday had us driving to Annapolis to see water and boats.

Currently Nic is obsessed with going to the beach, any beach. It’s what he wants to do on his birthday, apparently, or soon thereafter.

So, we headed for Annapolis to see what’s over there. It’s not a far drive away from the metro area, which surprised me. We do hope, btw, to take the fam to a beach on the atlantic eventually, but that may be about a 3 hour drive, so we’ll save that til after Labor Day.

Annapolis was really interesting. I’ve been in marine-oriented communities before, but never one that is so old, historic and interesting. Unfortunately rain and storms loomed, so we couldn’t check out a beach there which is part of a state park. But we did get to go to a park and watch sail boats, speed boats and barges on the Chesapeake Bay.

As we drove back to the metro area, we passed under the storm, and then, thankfully, out of it. So we found ourselves back in the metro area and needing more ‘wiggles’ for the wee ones.

Chris decided that the Great Falls National Park sounded interesting, and not too far away. So off we went.

WOW! That’s a great word to describe that park.

We only had time to see a tiny bit of it, btw, but what we saw will have us going back time and time again.

A very short walk from the parking lot had us looking and beautiful terrain and landscape. We got to walk past an old canal lock system, no longer in use, but the lock gates are still in place and neat to look at and talk about.

After about a half mile of beautiful hiking (during which time we saw about 5 herons and 1 turkey vulture) we found ourselves at the Olmstead Island Overlook. That was what made the walk even more worth it. The falls there are magnificent. They aren’t the tall kind where water falls 10 stories in a giant calvalcade. The are wide and multi-level and grand and rapids-producing. Stunning.

Across the very large gorge we saw park visitors on other overlooks, and they were in Virginia, whilst we were in Maryland.

I never ealized that so close to Washington D.C. (the district) there would be such beautiful, wild terrain and so many things to do.

We are truly blessed!