Yesterday after dinner we headed to the library. I love, love, love a good (meaning open and light-filled and welcoming and well-stocked) library.

Nic found several volumes of Calvin & Hobbes (his most recent reading obsession) and curled up on a comfy chair while he waited for us.

Chris headed to the adult section to seek several books.

This left Whinnie and Theo and I. Um, Theo looses his sweet little brain in the library. I think it’s a little overwhelming for him. No, not the thousands of books to choose from…but rather all those shelves. I mean, if you are a very active 5year old, you gotta understand, all those shelves look like a strange playground with loads of things to climb.

So, I kept both of them in the stroller and read books. We read silly ones, short ones, long ones, boring ones (yes, even those).

My favorite was about a mouse in a fancy, schmancy hotel. I did funny voices for each character and each time Whinnie or Theo found a mouse hidden in the page’s illustration, I pretended to be surprised, or shocked or alarmed…whatever. And they squealed (Whinnie) and chortled (Theo) with absolute glee.

There was a lady nearby with three children buzzing about her too. And I noticed that she was watching us read and she was smiling.

Some children would stop for a moment to see what the noise was about, look at us quizzically, shake their heads and move on.

How lovely it is to be strange in this way. Reading should be FUN and children will sit for a very long time if you make it thus.

Eventually it was time to go home, and on the way home, Theo told Chris, in excited and quite animated tones, about that silly book with the silly mouse and the silly, silly people.