I am feeling sad and lonely for my mama-friends today. It’s probably because one of my closest friends is having a birthday today — without me.

But, feeling sad is a great excuse to explore those feelings; to understand that we can’t truly enjoy joy if we don’t know sadness.

Sadness, anger, rage, jealousy, pity…all of these emotions help pinpoint some area where I can experience growth and greater enlightenment if I only do the soul-work of digging in and excavating the true cause.

I know that I need to embrace all of me — imperfections and all — if I am to love my family members unconditionally.

I know that I feel better when chopping vegetables. 🙂

Caring for my home and my family, in ways that feed my soul, even if no one else notices, that’s the essence of the female spirit. We can be creative in ways that nurture others, even unobtrusively, that serves to nurture self.

So, I take my sadness out, turn it around, look it over, discover what’s at its root. Then I remember that it is normal. And I chop more vegetables.

Now I feel better, not gleeful, but better. Whole.