Yesterday found us traveling into Maryland to find a beach.

The boys have been campaigning for going to a beach since they realized just how close we are to the Atlantic Ocean.

They don’t even care about swimming…they want to build sandcastles and look for shells along the beach.

So, yesterday we went to Flag Pond State Park, and enjoyed the beach along the Chesapeake. It was fantastic. It wasn’t a crowded beach, nor was it the kind that hundreds flock to for sunbathing. It was a bit more rugged, but perfect for our purposes.

I chose that park/beach because there were fossils to look for. The website indicated that beachgoers frequently spotted sharks’ teeth and/or meioscene era fossils. And, get this, visitors could take whatever they found with them.

So we stayed at the beach (thankfully wee Whinnie was happy to stay in a little triangle of shade) for about 4 hours. The boys had a blast. They collected shells (we found several pounds of them), they dug in the sand, they built sandcastles. We watched birds dive into the water for fish. We watched leisure and work boats/barges move up and down the waters. We found 3 jellyfish and 2 crabs (all deceased btw), and a crab shell.

It was heaven.

We brought back a bunch of shells that we can look through and examine and talk about our beach trip.

One day, yeah, we’ll take them to see the ocean…probably after labor day and the extra summer tourists are gone.

But for that day, yesterday, a small, off-the-beaten-path, bay beach was perfection for our little family.

blessings to all,