Sunday found us, again, in Maryland.

Maryland (unbeknownst to me previously) is absolutely beautiful, lush, and filled with parks. I think I read online that there are 41 state parks there.

Sunday we decided to drive north (Saturday’s beachcombing experience was south, southeast of the district) to Seneca Creek State Park.

Initially the boys were in love with the recycled tire playground. It was interesting…with a zip line and a dragon made out of recycled tires, I wondered if we could pull them away from it. But, alas, we needed to. The playground was out in full sun and I wanted them to not get blistered and fried. Thankfully the beautiful lake was within view through the lush trees, so they agreed to leave the playground and explore.

We drove further into the park and parked. Then, with Whinnie on my back in the ergo, off we went on a trail.

It was a beautiful trail — part of it relatively easy to hike, part of hit moderate, a tiny bit of it quite rugged. The trail followed the curve of the lake, which was perfection.

The lake (Clobber Lake, I think) was clear and beautiful and serene. Seriously, the water was so clear it was easy to look for aquatic life.

Since it is a 90 acre lake, there was plenty of room for various non-motorized boats to be at a distance from us and not interupt our travels or serenity.

We decided that a walk completely around the lake would not be doable for Theo. He is a strong little dude with a deep need for physical time…but at 5, his stamina would give out before we got back to the van.

Instead we decided to stop before the earthen dam, get drinks, and a bit of rest, and travel back. In all, we estimated that we walked about 1.5 partially challenging miles. Given Theo’s age and the 30-ish pounds I was carrying on my back with Whinnie, I think we did great.

So, for 2 hours we were amongst the trees. We were looking for signs of wildlife. We were seeing trees all along the lake that had evidence of having been chewed on by beavers (though we were not able to spy an actual beaver dam), and we saw a beautiful, extraordinary, down-right awe inspiring pure white Great Egret.

Sometimes living in this great urban environment seems to rob my soul of its stillness.

But this lake, and the bay the day before, helped to restore me.

I was once an extrovert…I gained energy from being around other people. But these days, the more I feel comfortable in my own self, the more I am charged by times away from people. It is a great surprise to me to find that I am much more introverted these days. But it is important to acknowledge this so that I know how to recharge and what drains me.

So, a walk around a lake with my 4 most favorite people was bliss. Twas good for the body, good for the relationships among us, and good for the soul.

Who knows what today will hold?