I have mentioned this most excellent book in several blog entries…at least I think I have…so much is spinning in my head sometimes.

Anyway, I just finished it today.

I have a belief that books (as well as other living and nonliving things) find us when we are ready for them.

I found Buddha Mom on the shelf about 2 weeks into our move here to DC.

I found it at exactly the moment I probably needed to. I was hitting bottom having depleted my energy and enthusiasm getting myself, three children and a whole household ready to move to DC.

I had gone off to search for an Eckhart Tolle book on the library shelf, and found Buddha Mom very close by.

It has been the balm my spirit needed because I was depleted not because of negatives…but because I was at the precipice of opening up to this extraordinary new life…but needed to let go of the past more.

So now when I feel overwhelmed and/or stressed, I don’t contemplate how difficult it is to find serenity while in the employ of ‘demanding midgets.’ Now I really ‘get’ that I have a clearer path, and certainly a clearer motivation, to enlightenment because of these precious spirits that buzz about me all day.

I have been able to begin reclaiming my own wonderfulness because the words of Ms. Kramer have found root in my spirit.

From her words I have one of my new life mantras: These children, this work, this household, these challenges — they are NOT distractions that pull me away from the path to self and enlightenment…rather they are fuel for the spiritual fire that makes it all possible.

The other day Chris asked how I was. He does this often, even when he isn’t dealing with his own latent guilt over uprooting our family and moving to DC (none of which he needs to feel bad about, but he’s neurotic that way 😉 Usually I say, “fine,” or “ok,” or something like that. This time, though, because I was more in the moment and fully aware of my inner sense, my response was ‘at peace,’ and I was.

And I am.