This morning Nic and I finished the entire Chronicles of Narnia collection.

How many months ago did we start this literary journey?

As I have read and watched Nic’s face, I have been impressed with the great need of a child — maybe of a human soul — to be transported via words that can touch the transcendent.

I am sorry that we are through. Like Lucy and the rest, I keep wishing we could visit Narnia again and again and have it’s wonders unfold before us.

But Lucy, and the rest, are now in Narnia eternally.

I am thankful, though, that I’ve been on this journey with Nic. And I must admit that I am a little bit glad that Whinnie and Theo were not yet ready for the adventure…so that I might read it with them each in their own time.

What next? I love to have reading time with Nic (time when I read to him and he gets to be lost in the literature instead of thinking about the process of reading) each day. Since he and his papa are moving through the last of the Harry Potter books, I think we may move to the King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table next.

And there’s always mythology…and the fables other tales that will be part of his curricula this year.