Weekends are our time to be tourists. It’s great to be in DC and still be a tourist, since you can see everything with new eyes and never have a cause to be bored. 🙂

Saturday we took the children to 3 parks, I think. We’re always in search of places to play (especially if the playground has shade) and hike.

Eventually we took Chris to the place in Rock Creek Park where the children have had so much fun playing in the sand and getting water from the creek. It’s the place I blogged about several days ago…only this time, with 2 parents in attendance, Whinnie-girl got to wade in the water too.

The boys love this. They take sand and dirt and muck and build dams along a path that has been carved by water coming down from the path above to the creek below. It’s great to see the physics involved in what they are doing. Busy, creative brains need much to tackle!

While there someone spied a little frog. He was wonderfully blended in to his environment, but had been dislodged by some of Theo’s digging. After everyone had had a chance to see him, and touch his skin, I moved him away from the area of activity, so that he might live to a ripe old age — whatever that is for that species of frog.

Shortly thereafter I spied what I thought was a leaf on the ground. My first thought was, ‘how remarkable that that leaf should look so much like a luna moth.’ A step closer and I realized that it WAS a luna moth, though dead. It was so perfect looking, too. It looked like it just landed on the shore for a nap and drifted off.

This too was the focus of much attention as everyone wanted to get close, see the markings, touch the little fuzzy body. We brought this beautiful specimen home and it is now on the mantle.

Sunday we decided to drive to Baltimore to visit Port Discovery…a children’s museum there. It wasn’t quite as grand and wonderful as the children’s museum that we’d become accustomed to in Indianapolis, but it was nice.

The boys love the 3 story climbing tower that is in the center of the building.
Whinnie enjoyed Sensation Station, a room dedicated to babies through 4year olds. Though it was striking how quickly the room was just to ‘babyish’ for her abilities.

Nonetheless, we had a good time.

Baltimore isn’t too far of a drive and I’m sure we’ll go back several times.

Yesterday was Papa Chris’ birthday. We are so grateful and glad that he is the papa of this family. We went to the store and got a few presents for him, and baked him a red velvet cake. Yum!

So, today, we are back at it. We are waiting for the Oak Meadow curricula to arrive so that we can get started on that.

Life is good, the day is rainy and we are all healthy and ready for new adventures.