Ok, so that is a reference to one of my favorite books/movies, “The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy.” (Though I must admit, we just watched a DVD of the British serial of the book — not so good — horrible acting…)

But it is also my life today.

You see, my laptop died over the weekend. Now it was a system that I bought about 3 years ago from ebay and it cost only $150 after shipping…so who can complain?

But, and I’m sorry to sound so materialistic for a moment, I HAD to have another one. We have 2 pc’s currently…and only one of them is internet connected. And that one is also where we watch DVDs in the living room. As we have no tv downstairs…that’s it.

So checking email, blogging, doing research, all of that would have to happen within the confines of the same DVD watching computer. Not good.

Here enters one of my favorite resources: craigslist. With only a few minutes of searching, I was able to locate a Mac ibook for sale from someone just a few minutes drive from us. Score!

So now I blog from my new ibook. Ok, it’s not new. I’m not prone to buying very many brand new things…tis budget and earth-friendly to use something that someone else is done with (with the exception of underwear and toothbrushes….and, um, spouses 😉

This system is only about 3 years old — my last one was a 10 yr old dinosaur; this system has a working battery — the last one couldn’t charge and therefore was eternally tethered to an outlet; and it’s a Mac…which I’ve been wanting to switch to.

Ok, have I raved enough to indicate that I am happy to be laptoping again? Why is this so exciting?

Because I live in the world of my children so much that I need this outlet for myself to be fully human. 🙂

And now I can make better use of Whinnie’s naptimes. I can do my blogging and research and still be refreshed and ready and creative for my homeschooling adventures with three beautiful children.

And we all know that life with children is THE ultimate Improbability Drive. 🙂