For anyone who’s interested, our Oak Meadow materials did arrive yesterday. 🙂 So wonderful and exciting!

Thankfully it arrived before Whinnie’s naptime, so that I could leave the boys to play a computer game and read while she slept.

First of all, the craft kits. I love them. I am such a organizing/school supplies geek…always have been. And there we had these beeswax crayons (stick for Nic; block for Theo) and beeswax modeling clay and wood handled paint brushes and real artists’ paints and then there are the Main Lesson Books. Yeah, I know, I could have gone to the store and bought spiral notebooks. But I was really interested in seeing the size/shape of the ones that are included. I can always buy them locally now that I know what they prefer.

Then there was the syllabus. I had already read the suggested books Heart of Learning and Home Teacher’s Process Manual, as well as the entire Kindergarten syllabus. But I really wanted to get a sense of the 3rd grade materials.

Obviously it is more academic than Theo’s work. But it is still very artistically oriented and very much a flow-of-life kind of thing. I really think their no-pressure approach will be just what helps Nic not fight the process.

Both boys looked like they were opening christmas presents when we looked through everything with papa. They are eager to get started on Tuesday.

I’ve resisted curricula so long because I wanted them to have the freedom to be children…not pre-adults. But this curricula does respects them and their natural instincts and needs. And it gives me help knowing how to pull it all together. Though I love them dearly, I do have deep ‘crisis of imagination’ moments where I don’t know what to do next.

Future posts will, no doubt, be replete with progress reports and (if I get the a digital camera) pix.

Oh, it did stop raining, so we went off and explored today.

I gotta say, Whinnie on my back in the ergo is quite a workout. She’s about 30 lbs and I am 43 years old. 😉

We rode the metro and went to the National Aquarium. Not a Smithsonian Institute, btw, for anyone who might be curious. But we knew that and went anyway.

I should have known that something wasn’t going to be quite amazing when we saw that it is in the basement of the Dept of Commerce. um, ok. $20 for the whole fam to get in? um, ok.

If you come to DC and you are looking for things to do — and are on a budget and/or time limit, especially — DO NOT put this one on your to do list. It is tiny and unimaginative. There are far better things to do…many of them with no admission fee.

Oh, and Union Station is worthy of a tourist stop all by itself. We ate dinner there before heading home.

Saw a shop there with lots of DC and political souvenier type stuff. Stumbled on a book called Goodnight Bush (an unauthorized parody of Goodnight Moon.) I don’t usually go in for disparaging political humor, but this book had me laughing out loud…

For those familiar with the children’s classic and the line “And the little old lady whispering ‘hush'” — try, “And Dick Cheney in the corner whispering ‘hush'”!!! I’m still laughing.

Tis good to be back home with my feet firmly up!