I can’t really say we had our first day of school…since we don’t ‘do school.’ But we did have our first official day jumping in to the Oak Meadow curricula.

As many homeschooling families attest, learning doesn’t have to be a separate thing, done in specific places, times or ways.

Ideally all of life should be about learning and growing and ‘becoming.’

So, as a continuation of our process, we started Oak Meadow.

The boys both loved using their new beeswax crayons — utilizing them to draw a representation of the stories that we read the night before. Theo’s was The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and he made a garden gate with a letter A on it. (Very, very abstract, but he told papa a 10 minute story about it so then it was clear.)

Nic drew a picture representing The Real Tale of Little Golden Hair. Afterwards he jumped in to his first attempt at cursive writing. And he did quite well. I was impressed, both with his willing attitude to try something so new (Nic is not known for eagerness at doing things at which he is not the immediate expert), and with how well he did this first time.

Nic also chose to start his daily read-aloud time with the book Pippi Longstocking.

Theo made a large letter A on construction paper with glue and teeny-tiny alphabet pasta. Once we get that cork board hung up on the wall, we’ll put it up there.

Good first day with willing and engaged children. And Whinnie didn’t get in the middle of everything at all. Bonus!

Today, math with Nic.