We all headed out very early today. I think we arrived at our favorite park around 8:15 to play before the day heated up.

Not only was the park/playground completely empty, it was hushed and beautiful. There was a bit of a dewey, morning fog hanging in the air that made the place seem more deeply spirit-filled than usual.

Because of the fogginess it was really easy to see the rays of sunlight coming through the trees and their leaves. I showed this to Nic so that he could remember what it looked like if he wanted to use that in one of his drawings.

Then the boys took off into the playground, coming back quite often, as we were playing a imagination game where they are ‘Universe Protectors’ receiving signals from all around the solar system. A call comes in from one of the planets, we hear the problem, discuss a solution, make a plan and then they touch the portkey that delivers them, instantaneously, to that planet.

It’s good for them. They get loads of exercise (constant running) and we get to use our imagination and there’s never any complaints of: “mama, there’s no one else here to play with…”

I took along a box of chalk as well. Once the boys were tiring, we used the chalk to draw on the paved path through the playground. Nic made a really nice hopscotch board and some roadways. Theo drew…whatever it is that Theo draws. Whinnie scribbled.

And then they were off to climb and slide again.

Before we left we collected green leaves that had fallen. These we are using to do various art projects and to keep in Theo’s science book.

Nic and I read a story about the Tower of Babel, part of his exploration of the ‘beginning’ stories of various world cultures. Then he draw a story and wrote a description using his brand-new cursive writing skills.

Oh, and this Pippi Longstocking character…she’s cool. Not only (apparently) an orphan…but definately homeschooled. She definately takes care of herself and thinks for herself. And she wears the clothes that she likes, regardless of what other people think of her choices.

I have a child like that. Um, come to think of it, I may just have three of them.