…is best reflected in what I do next.

That’s the thought that came to me just a little while ago.

Like everyone I have lots of things I regret. Choices made, choices not made, people hurt, intentionally or otherwise, paths just not taken.

But none of that defines who I am.

I can look at my flaws as a parent, as a friend, as a wife, and understand that I am not that person anymore. I am the person who is here, typing, making decisions informed by those past choices, mistakes and not.

If I want to be a better parent, friend, wife, I need only to chose the path that is more attached, more attentive and less selrf-absorbed.

That’s pretty cool. Each of us have the chance to be reborn every moment.

So if I find myself thinking, ‘I wish I had been more attentive to what Theo’s actions were telling me today,’ I need to remember that all I have to do to fix that, is to be attentive now.

What’s the point to this post…and how the heck does it relate to homeschooling?

Um, everything relates to homeschooling…

And my point is that I am a work in progress and that children are works in progress as well. We all deserve compassion and mercy, unconditionally.