Sunday started out like it was going to be a completely uninspired day.

TS Hanna had swept through leaving lots of rain…and unknown damage and flooding. So we didn’t really make plans for Sunday until we had a chance to watch the news and see what awaited us.

It wasn’t until early afternoon that the boys convinced us to ride the Metro into downtown DC. For them a Metro ride IS the adventure. So off we went.

We found ourselves at Union Station, grabbed an early dinner, and decided to go explore the area around the station.

We had no particular destination — I just didn’t want to stay inside (and underground) on such a beautiful day.

Once outside Nic noticed a dome peeking over the treetops (if you’ve never been to DC and have an urban jungle image…its not entirely accurate at the ‘heart’ of DC at least…very lush…lots of trees). Chris didn’t think we were close enough for it to be the Capitol Dome, but we headed off in that direction to see what it was.

And it was the dome. And it was a few blocks away.

What a spectacular building. We took pictures from the front and back and then walked over to the Capitol Reflecting Pool and took pictures of the Washington Monument off in the distance. I have one of Nic standing next to the Wash Monument — and he’s bigger than it. If I ever retreive those pix from my camera, I’ll post them here.

Some other day we’ll go to the Washington Monument and explore that…but for that day, yesterday, it was enough to see the grand Capitol building.

And then we rode the Metro back to the station where we parked the van and drove home.

The children seemed happy with their day — well, stimulated, certainly. And they all went to sleep almost instantaneously. Bliss.

What good is it to live only a few miles (and a handful of minutes on the Metro) away from The District and not fully explore it. Ah, when fall weather arrives, that’s when I look forward to exploring all of DC’s treasures.