Yesterday, each at different times and in their own way, both boys asked to do ‘more schoolwork.’

As we had spent time in the morning getting all their tasks done, I was quite surprised to be greeted with this request in the afternoon.

I think that is so totally cool and a sign that Oak Meadow is suiting them well.

They like to learn. They like to develop new skills. They like what we are doing.

Maybe that’s just because they’ve never been to school, where, arguably, they would have learned that learning is something you do because ‘they’ make you.

Though we are (as all parents/people are) flawed, one thing that Chris and I have always endeavored to do is to jump in, quite eagerly, to new experiences with a ‘ready to learn’ heart. Even our weekends are that way. We look to see what fun thing we could do as a family. We don’t say, “what can we learn today?, but rather “what can we experience today?” The learning takes care of itself when one is ENGAGED in the process of living.

So today, we do ‘more school’ even though it doesn’t look like the school they’d have if they left me for the bulk of their days.

Oh, and if you haven’t read Pippi Longstocking, consider putting it on your list. It is a giggle-fest for us homeschoolers (at least unschoolers). Pippi is a riot and definately NOT school material.

Nic is enjoying reading it. I think he sees some of himself in Pippi.