The boys are destroying construction paper. 🙂

Theo’s project/theme for today is about butterflies. We read a story about butterflies — monarchs — yesterday and today he’s making his own representation of a monarch butterfly.

Theo, to put it lightly, loves to tear construction paper into bits. So, instead of having him draw a butterfly today, I decided to help him make a mozaic. To do this we drew the outline of a butterly on a huge piece of black construction paper. Then he got to tear orange construction paper into bits. And just now he finished using a glue stick to place these ‘bits’ on to the outline.

I gotta say, it’s a pretty good representation of the monarch in his book. I’m so glad we had black paper to work with. There really wasn’t a way for him to do this the ‘wrong way’ as the black peaks out between the bits of orange regardless.

And really, it’s all about control at this point. That’s what Theo’s various tasks are about right now. Controlling whatever tool he is using to create something that he likes and appreciates.

Now, with butterfly done and drying…Theo is engaging in another of his passions…cutting construction paper. We have several different scrapbooking scissors that give all the cutting interesting shapes. He has long loved these. And again, he’s doing fine-motor-control practice.

Nic’s story (social studies…studying ancient cultures through their stories) was Joseph and His Many-Colored Coat. So I helped him draw an outline of a cloak and decide where the colors would go. Then I set him off to tear paper and make his mozaic as well.

It wasn’t long, though, before Nic let me know that this project was just not for him. 😉 All this tearing and glueing is just too messy, apparently, for his much more logical and organized brain. So he’s scuttled the mozaic and is utilizing his ‘special beeswax crayons’ to add the appropriate color. Much more controlled, in his opinion. And, I just checked in on him and can report that his ‘coat’ is looking quite beautiful. The vibrancy of beeswax crayons really make them a perfect choice for this project.

Later? reading, reading and more reading. And Nic will start on his drawings representing the phases of the moon.