Today Nic’s task was to draw a representation of the phases of the moon, including the earth and the sun. I found a really neat website to facilitate this:

BTW, can I just say: The internet is awesome! I’m just a google-search away from great resources! 🙂

Nic really enjoyed that portion of this morning’s work. The whining began when I asked that he write out all of the names of the phases of the moon — in cursive. Now his cursive is coming along nicely…but, um, this is Nic. He has to complain about just about everything.

I’ve come a long way in the last few months, I gotta say. A couple of months ago I would have been frustrated and angry with his attitude. But one day I had a realization about my children (and husband). I realized that they are passionate, passionate people. They react with passion. They act with passion. They embrace and resist with passion.

Acknowledging that this is who they are was sanity-saving for me. For with that realization came another one: it’s not my responsibility to change their responses. And in that, I could choose my own responses better.

So now, when Nic whines about writing in cursive, I can find the fortitude within me to smile and remain calm and at my own tasks. I know that once the initial resistance (manifested as whining) passes, he’ll get on with it. And he did.

Thankfully, though still relatively-primitive, his writing is showing improvement. I am thankful for this, not because I want to see progress…but because I want him to see progress.

After he had finished I had him turn back to the first day he used cursive. He was amazed and pleased by how much better control he’s gotten in less than two weeks. And that is the whole point.

Theo’s job today was merely to practice drawing circles and then cutting them out. It has become really obvious to me over the last several days that Theo has become very frustrated by this limitations. And that he really, really wants to create things with his hands that look more like what he has in mind. So we are working on fine-motor control. And he focused and he drew much more circle-ish circles and he remembered to make tiny snips with his scissors.

Once he finieshed the cutting, he used a glue stick to make a collage.

And then he read a book to me. That’s the thing with Theo. He reads, fluently, at about a 3rd grade level. Intellectually he’s pretty advanced for his age…but he needs to harness his physical abilities with more finesse and control.

And Whinnie has another runny nose, so she has no patience for any project that takes my attention.

Homeschooling is not difficult…but it can be quite a juggling challenge when there’s a baby or toddler in the midst…

But I have no doubt that my soon-to-be 21 month old (tomorrow!) will be working on her own kindergarten curriculum very, very soon…