This morning found us reading, reading, reading.
With Theo I read a story called Prince of the Fairy Forest. With Nic I read a folk tale called Jackal and Alligator. With Theo, there was a discussion about the rabbits of Peter and Benjamin Bunny fame.

Nic decided, upon the discussion prompted by Jackal and Alligator that in a ‘battle between brains and braun…brains wins.’

All was well.

Then we moved on to math review with Nic. There was a time, last year I suppose, when all Nic wanted to do was math. He loved it and ‘hated reading.’ Now he adores reading and resists math.

But the thing is, he’s good at math. But anything that is before him that he has any difficulty with, he hates.

Sometimes he argues with me and tells me that the rules are ‘wrong’ as am I.

There was a time when I would take the bait and get angry at him and we would go to our separate corners and harbor mutual animosity for a while.

Now I think I *get* them more. Now I realize that no matter how much he likes what he’s doing, Nic must resist. And if I remain calm and even-tempered, he lets off the necessary amount of counter-productive steam, and goes back to the task at hand.

So now he’s reading very well, flowing along with math, enjoying art and social studies and geography — and hurricane tracking.

It’s so much easier now that I can see results. When he was 5 or 6 it was just too difficult to see how it was all going to come together. I was much more nervous about parenting and homeschooling then. Now, because I can see how no matter what I do, it needs to pass through a filter of ‘who Nic is’ it’s gonna be ok.

I think that is why I am so much more calm and casual about the path that Theo and Whinnie will take. Because it will be their’s and I don’t need to control everything…