Yesterday was one of those (sometimes way too rare) days when it just seemed to ‘click.’

In an attempt to learn to relax more — and control less — I experimented with a new process with Nic.

Most days we do our projects in the morning so that the boys have time to themselves in the afternoon while Whinnie sleeps. So yesterday I sat with Nic and showed him the list of things that I had created for him. I put check boxes next to each item and told him that these were the things I’d love to see him work on and that as he finished each one, he should check it off.

He looked at the list, said it looked fun, and asked where to start. I loved the look on his face when I told him it was entirely his choice. I told him that he could do things when and in what order he liked, but that I’d like him to take responsibility to finishing all of it during the day sometime.

His choice was first to create a multiplication table. Then he chose to draw a picture related to the story we read the night before and to practice cursive writing. And that’s how the day went. He consulted his list, decided what was next and did it. No problems, no whining, no ill-feelings.

Wow. That was precious.

And he was proud to show all of his self-directed work to papa last night.

Today we did one of those things that homeschoolers thrive on…we put all else aside to go to the park and really enjoy great weather. After 98 degrees on Sunday, it was a gift to go out in 70 degree weather today.

And now we’re back home. Nic has seen his list for today and has chosen to first work on sketches of a halloween costume he has in mind for himself. It’s cool. He’s using the same skills that he would if he were drawing an illustration in his Main Lesson Book. And he’ll get to today’s work when his passion for this project has waned. Will it be today? Dunno. Don’t care. He’s focused. And he’s creative.

Theo ran upstairs as soon as we returned home and started on his passion — lego building. Theo is a cool, eccentric and very talented builder.

They are both so cool. I wonder what will be their passions as adults.

And then there’s Whinnie. She is so cool and so mature. She’s still funny and chubby and pre-2…but so different from her brothers at the same age. And she’s not had a really settled night of sleep in over a week. Chris observed that maybe it’s time for a developmental leap… Um, to what? She’s been out of diapers for months and months. She can do anything she works at. She’s already firmly in charge of her brothers. Greater articulation? Calculus? It really wouldn’t surprise me. Whingari is truly amazing…