It’s quite noisy here. For those who might know the area, we live north of Bethesda, Maryland.

Familiar with the term ‘the beltway?’ That’s nearly a stone’s throw away. And then there is the DC area Metrorail. The redline plunges underground to become a subway very close by…and the driver beeps the horn each time the train goes into, or comes out of, the tunnel. (I still haven’t figured out why…they metrorail does not share any surface streets or intersections with any traffic.)

Then there’s the hammering. Each of the buildings in our apartment complex is getting an new vinyl siding skin. They’ve been working on this since before we moved in…but now they are working on the building next to ours. Ours should be the one getting a new skin by next week.

And all of this is happening when it is finally cool enough to open the windows. So for 2 months, the noises of this urban jungle has been coming to us rather muffled.

But today, and yesterday and last night, I have been very aware of all the noise. Thankfully as I tried to go to sleep last night, it was not just the cars and the metro that I was hearing…there were also the cicadas. As we live up here in the treetops, the cicadas are actually the loudest of these nighttime serenades.

So this is now the rhythm of our lives.

And children sleep (Whinnie is sleeping through trumpeting sirens as I type this), and adults sleep, and children work on their projects and I cook and clean and it is our new normal.

In a way it makes me yearn for the quiet of our Indiana home. In another way, it is enlivening. There is always a pulse of life all around us.

This morning, while listening to these urban sounds, Nic began writing and illustrating a story. Theo built another series of intriguing, and well described, lego vehicles. Whinnie played with the wooden train set.

it’s an interesting life. I wonder what’s next. 😉

blessed be,