The flatbread was edible…actually pretty good.

The boys each made a piece, to which we added a bit of butter and cinnamon and sugar. Yum.

Then Whinnie had a meltdown and we had to leave the rest of the dough to continue rising.

By the time her nap was over (which was the reason for the meltdown) it was nearly time for dinner. So while the children played, I tried to take the over-tired dough and turn it into part of our dinner.

Instead of rolling the dough out with the rolling pin (as the recipe recommended) I worked each piece with my bare hands. It was lovely. It felt much more connected to the point of the exercise…the connection with ancient cultures.

Some of the bread I left plain, others I added cinnamon and sugar to. All came out quite edible.

I made a very basic spaghetti for dinner…using a can of stewed tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil and broccoli. It was a fabulous dish to pair with the flatbread.

I think the bread recipe was basically the same as it would be for foccaia or homemade pizza. So maybe we’ll do it again over the weekend when I can give more time to the process and really enjoy the creative process with the boys.

Honestly the most challenging thing about homeschooling? Doing all that you really want to do with an almost 2year old in the mix. So maybe over the weekend I can work just with the boys while Chris has some special time alone with his beautiful daughter.

blessed be,