There’s an area north of us…up near the border where Maryland meets Pennsylvania…called Catoctin. And that’s where we headed today.

We found this place: during our preparatory searching and off we went.

It’s amazing to me that less than an hour north of DC are these beautiful mountains. it reminds me so much of our home in Tennessee that I truly get homesick for it there.

It was an interesting private zoo…kinda like any of them that are trying to carve out a little bit of land and give animals a decent place to live.

But what will the children most remember from the trip? The two play areas built upon a sand pit. They love digging and building in sand pits…and can do it for hours.

And that was ok too. The weather was stunning ~ low humidity, bright sun, blue skies ~ just perfection. So we spent a chunk of today…the last Sunday of summer, just enjoying the weather and the children and just being.

Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox — at about noon. And we will welcome Fall.

Ah Fall.