I am a positive person. Yesterday’s thoughts about libraries was a necessary release of some bad energy and it was deserved and my honest take on things.

But I do not live in that place of stress and criticism. 🙂

There are so many things I really do like about living in Maryland.

~ The lush natural beauty.
~ There are parks (neighborhood, regional, state, national) everywhere.
~ Almost anywhere you see a trash can, you can find a recycling bin.
~ Non-smoking is the norm…even outside
~ Diversity! I love going anywhere and seeing different cultures/languages represented.
~ Guidelines requiring the reduction/elimination of trans fats in foods.

There is much to celebrate here. I realize that some of my stresses and frustrations are probably due to a certain stress-level that is felt here, so close to the DC border.

When I drive to Rockville (the best library in the system, as far as I am concerned!) or further north to Germantown or Gaithersburg…life seems more doable….people seem more friendly and approachable.

So while we are still making the adjustment, which means, necessarily, mourning those things that we left behind in Indiana, we are settling in here.

It’s not ‘home’ yet. But it can be someday.

I endeavor to never fall into the trap of living in the future. I endeavor to make this an extraordinary life for us now. But even then, I know that it will hard to feel that this is ‘home’ until my attachlings have a yard of their own to explore.


Yesterday the attachlings had lots of freeplay time. Nic has been learning about punctuation marks, and doing more and more math utilizing the multiplication table he created.

Theo used alphabet stickers to make words — real and imagined.